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Enno Wallet is a non-custodial Crypto Wallet & Gateway to Decentralized Finance. Enno Wallet gathers all DeFi platforms on the blockchain together and serves with great UI and UX.

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27 K+
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Our Mission

Our mission is to create an intuitive crypto wallet and enable crypto holders to maximize the earning potential of their crypto assets. We are building a better financial system and naming it ‘Ennovation’.

Our goal is to remove all confusing steps and frictions while creating an efficient ecosystem. 

Here are the details of our mission as pin points.

Our Vision

It took so many years to understand Bill Gates’ quote, “Banking is necessary, but banks are not.” This sentence was difficult to understand in 1994, but now it’s becoming true with Enno Wallet.

We believe in financial freedom, independence, and control of our wealth by empowering individuals to take control of their private keys.

Enno Wallet makes Decentralized Finance available for users no matter of time and location.

We especially do partnering with DeFi platforms which do not come with a Mobile App as a part of our vision.

DeFi itself require a lot of knowledge and this create an entry barrier for users.

Enno Wallet makes DeFi; simple, easy to understand and easy to use all the time with great user experience.

DeFi platforms need a constant connection to wallets, and in most cases, DeFi platforms do not have their own wallets.

Enno Wallet is a bridge between DeFi platforms and the users. This brings great compatibility which make both platforms and the users have the most benefit.

Enno Wallet is proud to offer a secure DeFi experience all the time.

We are connecting the web2 and web3 technologies with the highest level of security and acting as a gateway to your financial freedom so that you can access Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications.

Enno Wallet Team

Here is our team which makes Enno Wallet possible.

Serkan Bayar




Çağrı B. Sürer

Front End Developer

Murat Yukarıtepe


Sasha Ivanov


Erkan Kilimci

Erkan Kilimci


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What They Say
About Enno Wallet

Here is what our users say about us.

Great app. So easy to use and love the support available via the Telegram group. The Dashboard displaying the balances is also very cool. It's so impressive how quickly the developers bring new updates.

Habz Android App User

New but so far so GREAT!!! Fan of this wallet! NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE BUT Get this wallet! You're welcome in advance.

William Fowler Android App User

Excellent mobile application from Waves ecossistem, practicality for the main applications of the Waves network @Swop @Puzzle @Neutrino Protocol I love Enno.

@dlxs_kmupmq CoinMarketCap User

Best project I've seen, experienced dev team from many previous projects, large community participation, very visionary roadmap.

Олег Ткаля YouTube User

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    Enno Wallet makes DeFi easier for everyone.

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    27 K+
    70 K+
    Active Users
    70 M+
    Reached TVL