The Security Your Crypto Needs

Store your private seed phrases in Keycard and maximize your Web3 account security. 

Enno Wallet Keycard

Your Wallet is now a Hardware Wallet

Keycard is a smart card and your wallet account can easily be integrated into it. Once your Keycard is connected to your wallet account, your assets will be protected with the state-of-art security in Enno Wallet.

This means that your Enno Wallet is now a hardware wallet with Keycard. You don’t need to spend so much money on sophisticated gadgets. The beauty of Keycard comes from its simplicity in providing top-of-the-line security. Sync your keycard with your Web3 account, export your seed phrase to the card and enjoy your new hardware wallet.

Contactless Verifications and Secure Transactions

Just like tap & pay, you can make your transactions contactless. Keycard interacts with the NFC port of your mobile device. Whenever security verification is required, you can simply use your Keycard. This way, you are able to sign and authorize transactions securely. Sync your Web3 account, find the NFC reader of your device and enjoy carrying out transactions by tapping your Keycard.

Enno Wallet Touch Keycard
Enno Wallet Lock Keycard

Cutting-Edge Security for your Wallet

Your seed phrase is more secure in Keycard! The security of keycard hardware complies with the strictest standard (Common Criteria EAL5+). Private keys won’t be accessible to anyone, even if the card is stolen. Once you export your seed phrase to a Keycard, it is stored offline. That means having your seeds stolen is now out of question. With the Keycard, your Web3 wallet account is heavily guarded with the highest security measures.

It Looks No Different Than Any of Your Credit Cards

Not every hardware wallet looks like a lightsaber. This one is pretty much like a credit/debit card—no need to exhaust your eyes with a challenging onboarding process. Besides, manufacturing a simple card lowers the cost so that everyone can afford to have a hardware wallet with top security.

Keycard Size
What is Next

See Other Security Precautions

Enno Wallet has much more to offer about security.
Please be sure to check all other precautions.


We encrypt core wallet data using bank-grade encryption after you set a passcode. Enno Wallet combines the security best practices with the best user experience.

Seed Phrase

Enno Wallet is a non-custodial (self-custodial) DeFi Wallet. It is only your account and your wallet. Enno Wallet uses seed phrases, which is the industry standard for creating private keys.

Threat Model

Security is a holistic procedure that needs to start at the beginning of the design phase of the software. At Enno Wallet, we use the STRIDE method, one of the widespread methods, Threat Modeling Manifesto, and OWASP as we structure the Threat Model.