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Puzzle Swap

A next generation AMM exchange enabling mega pools which will bring new light to the Waves DeFi ecosystem.โ€‹

Puzzle Swap
Puzzle Swap

What is AMM Exchange and Mega Pools

AMM (Automated Market Maker) is an exchange that allows instant trades using a math formula that calculates swap price. Unlike orderbook exchanges, this kind of tool makes it possible to swap any amount of tokens instantly.

Puzzle Swap uses different AMM model which allows to trade up to 10 assets in one pool. At Puzzle, these pools are called mega pools. This way traders can directly exchange an asset for one of the other 9 assets.

Also liquidity providers have less impermanent loss risk and earn more fees based on a bigger amount of trades due to the diversity of assets.

The Puzzle Swap pool model allows you to have a high yield cap while skipping the infinite token minting. The independence of investors from token price and emission makes it a highly sustainable solution.

$PUZZLE as a utility token

$PUZZLE will be a key attribute of the Puzzle Swap service used as a utility token. Owners can put it into staking. The core reward for staking is receiving a portion of commissions from transactions in all pools of the service, including the custom pools.

For frequent users, the service features preferential exchange conditions by offering a subscription for PUZZLE tokens. Different subscriptions can be offered for a single trade, for several trades, for a given amount in USD, or for a certain time period. The key idea is that they allow the trader to save money by spending $PUZZLE.

Enno Wallet let you buy, trade and stake $PUZZLE on the go.

Puzzle Token
Binance Coin
Tether USDT
NSBT Token
ENNO Cash Token
Muna Token

Exchange in Puzzle Swap

Puzzle Aggregator enables exchanging any token of the Waves DeFi ecosystem for any other such token, thus combining all the parts of the ecosystem, like exchanges, stablecoins, a lending protocol, play-to-earn, games into a single puzzle.

Puzzle Aggregator saves tradersโ€™ time and money: they donโ€™t have to compare prices and fees on different exchanges manually. Aggregator analyzes all the available pools and executes the exchange at the best rate.

Puzzle Aggregator is natively added into Enno Wallet and you may use your Enno Wallet account for exchanging any tokens on the go.

and Secure

Smart contracts we use in Enno Wallet belongs to Puzzle Swap and Enno Wallet only makes you access the platfrom with mobile experience.

Transparentand decentralized

You can always check the collateral levels from blockchain. All operations involving USDN, such as issuance, staking and reward payouts, are fully transparent and governed by a smart contract.

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