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A gamified derivatives market and virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) enabling futures function, and trading with several assets including NFTs, commodities and cryptocurrencies!

Tsunami Exchange
Tsunami vAMM Technology

Virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM)

The Tsunami Exchange’s major objective is to provide a platform that challenges the widely accepted notion of centralization. It is intended to function decentralized, verifiably, consistently, and on-chain. It makes use of the most recent DeFi technology and the virtual automatic market maker (vAMM). Utilize the cutting-edge vAMM technology that will soon be natively-integrated in Enno Wallet.ย 

Governance with
Tsunami Token (TSN)

The TSN token, which is used for Tsunami Governance and Staking, enables you to take part in important protocol decision-making. Investors in TSN receive a portion of all fees generated by the protocol. Each position opened on the platform by TSN Staking Tsunami is subject to a flat 1% fee.

The insurance fund, which aids in stabilizing a protocol and closing underwater positions, receives half of the charge. As an incentive, the other half is distributed to TSN investors. Theoretically, stakers might earn up to 295% APY with a daily trading volume of 500,000 USDN.

Enno Wallet allows you to buy, trade and stake TSN on the go!

Tsunami Exchange

Gamified Derivatives Market

Leverage can be used for trading on Tsunami up to 5 times. The Tsunami Protocol is special in that it will allow futures trading on NFT (Collection floor prices), commodities (Oil, Gas, Gold), and stocks (TESLA stock is planned). This shows that the market equilibrium and status quo are anticipated to be significantly impacted by the Tsunami Exchange.

Buy and sell futures, buy and trade commodities and stocks on Tsunami Exchange will soon be integrated in Enno Wallet!

Trading Different Assets

Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other tokens and assets can be traded on the perpetual futures exchange Tsunami with leverage in both long and short directions. The virtual market maker (vAMM) technology used by Tsunami provides limitless liquidity and minimal pricing effect.

Tsunami Exchange is natively integrated into Enno Wallet andย  trading functions will be integrated soon.

Tsunami Trading Assets

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Tsunami Exchange

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and Secure

Smart contracts we use in Enno Wallet belongs to Tsunami Exchange.

Transparentand decentralized

You can always check the collateral levels from blockchain. All operations involving USDN, such as issuance, staking and reward payouts, are fully transparent and governed by a smart contract.

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