Protect your Wallet even lost your phone!

We encrypt core wallet data using bank-grade encryption after you set a passcode.

Enno Wallet Security Passcode

The Best Way
to Keep Your Assets Safe

Your private keys (seed phrase) and the core wallet are encrypted in your device by your PassCode and are never shared with anyone, including us!

Security is not just about encrypting everything. It is essential to serve users the best and easiest experience to have crypto assets securely. Enno Wallet combines the security best practices with the best user experience.

What is Next

See Other Security Precautions

Enno Wallet has much more to offer about security.
Please be sure to check all other precautions.


Store your private seed phrases in Keycard and maximize your Web3 account security. This means that your Enno Wallet is now a hardware wallet with Keycard. Sync your keycard with your Web3 account, export your seed phrase to the card and enjoy your new hardware wallet.

Seed Phrase

Enno Wallet is a non-custodial (self-custodial) DeFi Wallet. It is only your account and your wallet. Enno Wallet uses seed phrases, which is the industry standard for creating private keys.

Threat Model

Security is a holistic procedure that needs to start at the beginning of the design phase of the software. At Enno Wallet, we use the STRIDE method, one of the widespread methods, Threat Modeling Manifesto, and OWASP as we structure the Threat Model.