The Ultimate Security for Your Digital Assets

Security is a lifestyle that is at the heart of our team. Enno Wallet is proud to offer you a secure DeFi experience!

Enno Wallet Security Passcode

We shaped its soul with
and its essence with safety!

We are connecting the web2 and web3 technologies with the highest level of security and acting as a gateway to your financial freedom so that you can access Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications.

Thanks to the web3 technologies, you don’t need a “middleman” for your financial needs anymore. Accessing all the DeFi applications and digital assets on the best and most popular blockchains has never been this secure and easy!

Enno Wallet works for your safety by reducing your attack surface area.

Your Key, Your Wallet
The Seed Phrase

Enno Wallet uses seed phrases, which is the industry standard for creating private keys.
After a seed phrase is created, it is stored encrypted in the Keystore/keychain of your device. No one can access your seed phrase or private key, including us.

Industry Standards

From the designing step to the deployment step, Enno Wallet is created to be safe in every single moment. Our security team and independent consultants diligently inspected every step.

OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard, which is an industry-standard, is used in our mobile applications. In addition, the threat modeling of our mobile application is created back in the designing step and released on GitHub.

What is Next

See Security Precautions

Enno Wallet has much more to offer about security.
Please be sure to check all other precautions.

Seed Phrase

Enno Wallet is a non-custodial (self-custodial) DeFi Wallet. It is only your account and your wallet. Enno Wallet uses seed phrases, which is the industry standard for creating private keys.


We encrypt core wallet data using bank-grade encryption after you set a passcode. Enno Wallet combines the security best practices with the best user experience.

Threat Model

Security is a holistic procedure that needs to start at the beginning of the design phase of the software. At Enno Wallet, we use the STRIDE method, one of the widespread methods, Threat Modeling Manifesto, and OWASP as we structure the Threat Model.