ENNO Cash governance token of Enno Wallet

ENNO Cash incentivizes Enno Wallet users to get more from their crypto assets.

ENNO Cash Bucket

What is ENNO Cash

ENNO Cash a.k.a ENNO is a governance token of Enno Wallet.

Enno Wallet users will receive ENNO, based on the size of their activities and their shares of total activities by other users.

ENNO stakers and liquidity providers are eligible to receive daily rewards. The team will add various reward-earning functions in the future.

ENNO holders will be able to vote for the future updates of Enno Wallet. ENNO holders also will vote to determine the weights of rewards for distribution in the future.

Earn Passive Income
with ENNO Cash Staking

Staking for ENNO Cash works similar to a savings account and as a result it pays interest. You can stake a portion or all of your ENNO holdings for a percentage-rate return on the investment. Returns are also paid in ENNO.

ENNO Cash uses the โ€˜proof-of-stakeโ€™ methodology to ensure transactions are validated and safe โ€“ without a bank or processor in between.

Check the calculator below to see how much you may earn as a passive income from your ENNO staking.


Weekly Distribution of Rewards
to Enno Wallet Users

The daily reward of ~2.740 ENNO is distributed between;

  • ENNO Stakers
  • ENNO Liquidity Providers

$ENNO Stakers


$ENNO Liquidity Providers

Weekly Enno Cash Distribution

ENNO Cash Distribution

A total maximum supply of 10 million $ENNO will be gradually emitted through 5 years vesting period.

  • 10% of the total emission (1 million ENNO) is allocated for early-bird rewards, with 2-years vesting (500k each year) period.
  • 10% of the total emission (1 million ENNO) is allocated for the development & marketing activities, without a vesting period.

* While 60% of development & marketing tokens will be used for the development of new features, 40% of it will be used for marketing activities and global adoption.

  • 5% of the total emission (500k ENNO) is allocated for referrals, Bounties, and Contests, without a vesting period.
  • 15% of the total emission (1.5 million ENNO) is allocated for the token sale.
  • 10% of the total emission (1 million ENNO) is allocated for the private investors and the team, with 5-years vesting (200k each year) period.
  • The remaining 50% of the total emission (5 million ENNO) is allocated for the Enno Wallet users, with 5-years vesting (1 million each year) period.

In the chart, we have also shown the circulating supply over time.

  • Launch day: 2.555 million Enno Cash
  • Month 12: 4.7 million Enno Cash
  • Month 24: 6.4 million Enno Cash
  • Month 36: 7.6 million Enno Cash
  • Month 48: 8.8 million Enno Cash
  • Month 64: 10 million Enno Cash
Enno Cash Token Burn

Monthly ENNO Cash Burn
from Transaction Fees

Total Burned Amount:


Burned ENNO Cash

Total Supply Left:


ENNO Cash Left

ENNO Cash Value

ENNO Cash token market price will be driven by supply and demand.

A part of revenues will be used to buy back ENNO tokens from the open market to increase the ENNO Cash price.

Enno Wallet team will generate revenue from;

ENNO Cash Bags

Where to buy ENNO Cash

ENNO is listed in various exchange platforms and you may buy and sell it if you have an account in these platforms.

However, the best, easy and recommended way to reach and make transactions with ENNO is using Enno Wallet.

Enno Wallet not only make you buy and sell ENNO, it also provide you investment opportunities with ENNO like staking to earn passive income.

In order to buy ENNO within the Enno Wallet app please click here to read the article.


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