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2022 Recap

2022 Recap
2022 Recap

2022 brought us plenty of new blockchains, features to explore, and partners to meet. Most importantly we proved our authenticity got much more users and attention than 2021. Thank you for the trust.

We got accepted by not one but two acceleration programs, increasing our user and wallet account counts tremendously. Made incredible partnerships like KeyCard and ParaSwap. We may proudly say that Enno Wallet is one of the safest crypto wallets in the market and one of the few that makes you reach DeFi platforms. Enno Wallet is better every day with your support. Here’s the year 2022 Recap of Enno Wallet.


As Enno Wallet we;
celebrated the 1st of the year of the project.
expanded our services to more countries, regions, and communities.
added key security features to Enno Wallet thanks to the partnership with Keycard.
took the attention of Visa and got accepted into Visa Innovation Program.
have spread to 3 more blockchains; Avalanche, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.
have passed the count of 10.000 unique wallet accounts.
have joined Yapı Kredi Fast FFWRD program supported by one of the biggest Turkish banks.
added lots of new features and released over 30 versions of the application.
have made it possible for people from any country to use our service without facing any restrictions.

2022 was the year Enno Wallet is on spotlight. We got accepted not one but two acceleration programs, increase our user and wallet account counts tremendously. Made incredible partnerships like KeyCard and ParaSwap. We may proudly say that Enno Wallet is one of the safest crypto wallet in the market and one of the few that makes you reach DeFi platforms.

2022 Timeline

Jan 12 – Puzzle Swap Integration
Jan 31 – Started to support Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Gateways
Feb 01 – Started to support Vires.Finance Governance Functions
Feb 02 – Importing Waves Wallet addresses is available
Feb 03 – Adding multiple wallet addresses is available
Mar 01 – Enno Wallet Launch Pad is activated
Mar 02 – Muna Token IDO
Mar 03 – Enno Wallet Fee Double Burn
Mar 09 – Multi-chain wallet development in progress announcement
Mar 29 – Attend to Avalanche Summit
Mar 30 – Early News Club
Apr 09 – ENNO / USDN Pool on WX Network
Apr 09 – Enno Wallet is selected to Visa Innovation Program
May 05 – Multi-chain Development Phase
Jun 09 – NFTKafasi <> Enno Wallet
Jun 14 – Chinese Marketing Campaign
Jul 08 – Enno/USDN Pool Voting Campaign (rewards to voters)
Aug 03 – First screenshots and videos from multi chain wallet
Aug 23 – Enno Wallet Multi-chain on IOS
Sep 03 – Enno Wallet Multi-chain is on Android
Sep 22 – Tsunami Exchange is on Enno Wallet
Oct 01 – Enno Wallet selected to Yapı Kredi FRWRD
Oct 10 – Joined Akbank Refi Hackathon as a Mentor in Istanbul
Oct 25 – Keycard feature is available on Enno Wallet
Oct 27 – First AMA on Enno Wallet Telegram Channel
Nov 15 – Native Support for 4 Blockchain
Nov 17 – Attended Waves Conference 2022 in Dubai
Dec 08 – Visa Innovation Program Demo Day
Dec 13 – YapiKredi Fast FRWRD Demo Day
Dec 17 – Enno Wallet is on Turkish National TV (NTV – Tekno Hayat)

What to Expect from 2023

2023 will be the year of expansion. We will expand our service to new countries and regions, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of using Enno Wallet. You can expect a lot more from us, especially partnership with other blockchains and projects that share the same vision as we do: be your own bank through technology.

The crypto world will gain more popularity among mainstream users and this may lead to further regulations. This trend has already started in 2018; we have witnessed many countries such as Japan, the United States and South Korea announce their own national cryptocurrencies. We believe governments will bring more regulations into the crypto world and this may result in a strong rebound of the market. Since the cryptocurrency space will be more secure and legitimate, we may also witness many other countries announce their own national cryptocurrency and start reserving some cryptos.

The Web3 field is predicted to improve in 2023. Numerous new initiatives and platforms will join the stage. Enno Wallet has been contacted with many upcoming Web3 projects. We may state that there will be similar changes and advances in the DeFi industry as the need for trustworthy crypto wallets rises in 2023.

As Enno Wallet we will keep adding partners and new platforms to our wallet. We will also keep developing new features and services to improve the experience of our users. Our goal is to make Enno Wallet a one-stop wallet for all your cryptocurrency needs.

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