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Enno Wallet has been accepted to Visa Innovation Program

Visa Innovation Program
Visa Innovation Program

It is officially announced on April 9, 2022, that Enno Wallet has been accepted to Visa Innovation Program powered by Visa and Hackquarters. Since then, we were waiting for the Kick-Off meeting with officials to announce this great news properly to our community.

We are proud to be selected for the program among 102 applicants in the region this year. Let’s take a look closely that what Visa Innovation Program will bring to us.

What is Visa Innovation Program?

The program enables fintech companies to solve the payment and commerce challenges of tomorrow, further enhance their own product propositions and provide visionary solutions for Visa’s vast network of partners.

Visa Innovation Program is at the same time an accelerator that supports the fintech companies to scale their businesses globally via Visa’s international financial and banking partnership network.

Visa Innovation Program 2022

Why Enno Wallet has been accepted to Visa Innovation Program

Enno Wallet is a fintech company that specifically fits in the categories below.

  • Unlocking new payment flows.
  • Advancing next generation payment experiences.
  • Building smarter and sustainable future.

How Enno Wallet will benefit from the program?

Partnership Opportunities:
As Enno Wallet, we are going to be introduced to Visa and Visa’s clients. This will make us available to fast-track, test, validate and implement our solutions within Visa’s vast network of financial institutions and corporate partners.

Access to Funding and Venture Capitals:
The program will make us get in touch and follow up with the local and global Venture Capitals and angel networks in Europe, MENA. This opportunity will possibly conclude with the funding process and deals.

Enno Wallet is going to get an amazing exposure possibility as part of the Program and this will lead us to get recognition from some of the leading payment brands in the world.

Enno Wallet team will get dedicated mentorship and support from prominent design thinking experts throughout the program. This will bring many more services and features into Enno Wallet.

What to expect from Enno Wallet?

Our priority is to make business connections to establish a Visa Debit card that will be connected to your Enno Wallet. We believe this concept will take out another critical barrier for our users in the journey of a decentralized self-banking system.

Enno Wallet Visa Debit Card
Enno Wallet would like to establish a Visa Debit Card to connect your wallet with your everyday life.

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