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Use Keycard to transform your Enno Wallet into hardware wallet


Generally, we all want top-notch security while quickly making any transaction on the blockchain. However, in most cases, we need to sacrifice either advanced safety or the capability of easiness. If you ever buy any amount of crypto, you know how exactly it is. You want them to be secure, that’s why you look for a “cold” wallet like Ledger. When the time comes for buying, selling, staking, or any other transaction, you need a “hot” wallet to move fast. How about we tell you that we may combine them together? You will find how Enno Wallet may serve you as both a “hot” and a “cold” wallet with the integration of Keycard in this article.

What is Hot Wallet

Basically, if a wallet is online all the time, we call it “hot” wallet. The main advantage of it is accessibility. Furthermore, your wallet (like Enno Wallet) is online all the time and has direct access to the internet and the blockchain. When you need to make a transaction, you may handle it with your mobile device or using a web browser right away. This convenience makes “hot” wallets so popular. However, the security of the wallet depends on your knowledge and precautions.

Moreover, “hot” wallets can store anywhere from one to tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies. There is literally no limit. In addition, most of these wallets (Enno Wallet also has) have recovery and backup options and can be accessed from multiple devices.

What is Cold Wallet?

Indeed, any crypto wallet that is not connected to the internet is considered as “cold“ wallet. The most common type of cold wallet is a hardware wallet, which is typically a small device that connects to a computer.
Most of the users demand a cold wallet because they would like to feel safe about their cryptos. When you use a cold wallet, signing event of the transaction happens with the private keys in an offline environment.

It looks so safe isn’t it? But, the problem of the cold wallet is it doesn’t have the ability to communicate with any other electronic device unless it is physically plugged into your device when you’re accessing the keys. This barrier makes your moves slower when you would like to make a transaction fast like selling or buying an asset.

How it is possible to take advantage of both?

I think we understood the benefits of both type of wallets. We want something secure like a hardware wallet and at the same time it should be online all the time to let us move fast in the market if it is necessary.

It is good that taking advantage of both wallet types is not a fantasy anymore. We would like to introduce Keycard to make your Enno Wallet both a hot and a cold wallet at the same time. Your wallet accounts will be accessible all the time. However no one! yes you heard it right! no one can make any transaction out unless you will not approve the transaction with your Keycard!

Comparison Table

Hot WalletCold WalletEnno with Keycard
PriceUsually FreeAround $50 to $250Only $24,5 (Keycard)
UsageConvenient to access
and use for trading
Better suited for
long-term storage
Access / Trade / Store
with best security
Max Number of Cryptos1 to unlimited1 to limited1 to unlimited
Loss ProtectionGoodAverageExcellent
Ease of TransactionExcellentAverageExcellent

What is Keycard?

It is a new type of smart card and it can make an easy integration with your Enno Wallet. It is designed to safely send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies in a seamless contactless experience.

Above all, Keycard uses NFC to securely sign and authorize transactions. You just need to tap mobile device with the Keycard while using Enno Wallet.

Besides, Keycard is designed to safely store private keys in an offline environment. Your keys never leave their secure spot in the card and are always kept offline.

Keycard Size

How to use my Keycard with Enno Wallet?

Enno Wallet makes Keycard use so convenient for you. If you own a Keycard, you may start to use it right away.

New Wallet Account

When you add a new Web3 wallet account, now Enno Wallet has a Keycard option to store all your private keys in your Keycard. Simply select Keycard when you open a new account and complete the setup.

Enno Wallet Keycard
Enno Wallet Touch Keycard

Import Wallet Account

You may choose Keycard option while importing a Web3 wallet account into Enno Wallet. If you have already stored your private keys into Keycard, it is a fast and easy process.

Recover and Reset

It doesn’t matter either new or an old Web3 wallet account, Enno Wallet supports all features of the Keycard. This means you may recover your keys or reset the Keycard for a reuse.

How to buy Keycard?

You may purchase a Keycard from our website, simply visiting Keycard Page or you may directly buy from Enno Wallet mobile app.

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