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Enno Wallet is accepted to Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program

Yapı Kredi Fast Forward
Yapı Kredi Fast Forward

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program by Yapı Kredi, one of Turkey’s most prestigious and significant private banks. This is a new challenge and growth opportunity for Enno Wallet. Moreover, the program has also other prestigious partner related to blockchain technology such as Avalanche. The other honorable partners are Keiretsu Forum, Startups Watch, Qorus, Yapı Kredi Teknoloji, Core Strateji, Istanbul Blockchain Women, Domino Ventures, and WePlay Ventures. Let’s cheer for Enno Wallet! We succeeded to be one of the 13 participants in the program among the 150+ applicants.

What is the Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program?

Yapı Kredi aims to create a framework that can foster innovation. This attempt will promote innovation in blockchain technology. As a result, this framework will be developed with an agile culture and offer products and services that can progress the technology.

Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD acceleration program will provide training to selected companies for this purpose. It also will support them through blockchain, development, mentoring, business consultancy, and investment opportunities in partnership with Avalanche. Yapı Kredi has created an important program for startups that develop products and services with blockchain technologies such as DeFi, Crypto Assets, NFT, Metaverse, and Crypto Wallets.

The program aims to ensure the growth of the included initiatives with support packages prepared for their needs. 13 startups were selected for the Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD program. Formerly, there was 151 applications. The Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD, a partnership of Avalanche, Core Strategy, and Yapı Kredi, it is aimed to invest in startups accepted into the program through Koç Private Equity Investment Fund, the investment mechanism of Koç Holding.

Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program Timeline

September, 28 – Kickoff Meeting
October, 3 to November 28 – Acceleration Sessions
December, TBA – Demo Day

Why Enno Wallet is one of the participants?

Enno Wallet is one of the leading blockchain initiatives aiming to democratize finance. In that sense, the mission statement of Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD Acceleration Program is almost perfectly in line with the vision of Enno Wallet, as we call it ‘Be Your Own Bank’.

Enno Wallet is a non-custodial, multi-chain crypto wallet and a DeFi gateway. It is a revolutionary approach against any conventional and centralized finance system. Therefore, Enno Wallet facilitates an environment of innovation in finance by offering decentralized solutions powered by blockchain technology and targets to be a pioneer in the industry.

What’s in it for Enno Wallet?

Collaboration with Yapı Kredi and Koç Group Companies

Yapı Kredi is currently the 3rd biggest bank in Turkey and Koç Group as its affiliate is one of the biggest business groups operating in several industries in Turkey. Certainly, it may help Enno Wallet can have more access to business opportunities, ranging from marketing, and investment to new partnerships.

Access to Investment

Besides, Yapı Kredi being one of the biggest banks in Turkey, there are several other finance initiatives operating within the body of Koç Group. Enno Wallet may have direct access to major investment channels in Turkey and accordingly, its global extensions.


Training lies at the core of acceleration. Additionally, there will be theoretical workshops, mentorship sessions, office hours, and master class sessions. Enno Wallet will have a chance to better improve its product and offer a better user experience while growing with confidence and scaling up.


The program offers mentorship opportunities from 33+ experts from the following fields: Blockchain, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, NFT, Metaverse, Investment, Marketing, GameFi, Business Modelling, Growth, and Law.

POC Opportunities

POCs can be used to test everything from technical feasibility to market demand. They are an essential part of the product development process and can help reduce the risk of failure for new products and services. Thus, Enno Wallet can develop further products with POC opportunities.

About Yapı Kredi

Yapı Kredi is sustainably strengthening its market positioning in the sector since its establishment in 1944 through a customer-centric approach and focus on innovation. The bank is the 3rd largest private bank in Turkey with total assets worth TRY 991.0 billion as of the end of the first half of 2022. Yapı Kredi is constantly seeking to increase its contribution to the financing of the Turkish economy with its customer-centric approach. The bank is enlarged the volume of its total cash and non-cash loans by 66% y-o-y in the first half of 2022 to TRY 731 billion.

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