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Unstaking ENNO Cash

Right below your sticky header, there displayed your “Available Wallet Balance”, “Your Current DeFi Stake” and “ENNO Stake” button.

In order to unstake your $ENNOs;

  1. Please tap on “ENNO Stake”.
  2. On the menu from the page that pops up, please tap on “Unstake” tab.
  3. Please determine the amount you’d like to unstake by moving the slider rightwards.
  4. If you’d like to determine the amount by hand, tap on the keyboard logo and enter the desired unstake amount.
  5. Below your proposed $ENNO unstake amount you will see “Frozen”, “Voting”, “Supply APY”, and “Transaction Fee” sections.
  6. Once you make sure you checked these sections, tap on the “I understand, accept, and agree the terms and conditions….” line to view the terms and conditions.
  7. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you agree.
  8. Then please tap on the grey button on the left to enable staking.
  9. Finally tap on the “Unstake” button to unstake your $ENNOs.
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