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Creating multi-accounts in your wallet

Updated on February 14, 2022

You may create multiple accounts in your Enno Wallet.

Visit My Wallets Screen

Tap Settings icon at the top left side of your Enno Wallet. This will open a sliding button menu. Tap ‘My Wallets’ button to reach where you may manage all your accounts inside of your Enno Wallet.

Enno Wallet Home and Settings Screens

When you reach the My Wallets screen,
you will see two tabs named ‘Accounts’ and ‘Add New Account’.

Viewing Accounts Tab

Accounts Tab shows your current accounts.

If you have only one account you will see your first account with the name of My Wallet or Imported Wallet. It is up to you to change these names and label your account with a custom name.

When you add more accounts you may see them and switch between them under Accounts Tab.

Enno Wallet My Wallets Screen

Changing Wallet Account Name

For Apple devices running on iOS

To change any of your account’s name, swipe right to left and reveal the blue keyboard button. Then press the button to open the ‘Rename Wallet‘ window.

Type your preferred label inside of the ‘Account Name’ field and then tap ‘Ok’ button.

If you have changed your mind and would like to keep the current label on the account, tap ‘Cancel’ button to go back to ‘My Wallets’ screen.

Enno Wallet Renaming the Account Name

Viewing Add New Account Tab

You may add as many account as you wish from Add New Account Tab.

You have two options to add more accounts into your Enno Wallet. You may create a new account or import any Waves Wallet that has been already created in Enno Wallet or elsewhere.

Please visit Creating a Wallet Account article to see how you may create a new wallet account into your Enno Wallet.

Please visit Importing a Wallet Account article to see how you may import a wallet account into your Enno Wallet.

Enno Wallet Add New Account Tab

Selecting a Wallet Account to Use

After you complete creating or importing a new wallet account into your Enno Wallet, you may see and select these accounts under the Accounts Tab.

The account you select will have a green check mark on top of it and you will right away start to manage that account in your Enno Wallet.

Enno Wallet Selecting the Wallet Account
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