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Swapping tokens with Enno Wallet is easy and convenient.

  1. Open Enno Wallet.
  2. From the Sticky Header Menu, tap on the Swap button between Red Arrow and Green Arrow, located under the wallet balance.
  3. The swap page will pop up.
  4. First, select the token you wish to swap tapping on the asset icon on the right side of the first section.
  5. Then, select the target token you wish to swap your token to by tapping on the asset icon on the right side of the second section.
  6. Select the amount you would like to swap or simply tap on the available balance of your source asset below the token icon.
  7. You will see the amount of the target token displayed on the target asset section estimated after the swap process.
  8. Below the target token section, you can see the transaction details such as price impact, transaction fee and minimum receive.
  9. Select the slippage tolerance before proceeding with the swap transaction.
  10. Make sure you selected the correct amount and checked the transaction summary.
  11. Tap on Swap button to carry out the transaction.
  12. After the swap is completed, you can see the target asset displayed in your wallet balance.
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